The animal kingdom is a fascinating place, with many species relying on their sense of balance to avoid danger. But when an animal has unsure footing, it often becomes frightened. It’s no secret that a stressed patient makes work difficult for a veterinarian or technician.

NoFear Pet Mats can help!

Our mats are excellent for stabilizing difficult surfaces like tile or stainless steel. You can use them on exam tables, scales, and other areas where patients need extra traction. Our mats also have enough traction to hold food and water dishes securely in place. They provide contour and musculoskeletal support for older or arthritic patients, making them perfect for kennels, crates, and tubs. 

We don’t cut corners on quality.

NoFear Pet Mats are durable and easy to clean. They can withstand high patient volumes and regular cleaning. Most disinfectants are safe on our mats, helping you keep your practice clean and healthy.

Improve your clinic with NoFear Pet Mats today.

Where to use.

NoFear Pet Mats can be used on a variety of surfaces in your practice:

  • Exam and treatment tables — A cold, hard, slippery table causes instant anxiety. Our mats help your patients enjoy a relaxed, stress-free exam by providing a slip-free, cushioned surface instead.
  • Scales — Weighing large dogs and elderly, arthritic pets can be challenging if they are afraid to step onto the stainless steel scale. Reduce time and stress by providing a surface pet will be confident stepping on to.
  • Cages — Our soft, comfortable mats insulate pets from cold metal surfaces and can withstand heating devices, making them a better choice than newspaper, blankets, or towels. Practices who use our mats in cages have reduced their laundry by 60%, or more.
  • Tile floors — Our mats provide traction for large dogs, elderly pets, and pets with arthritis.
  • Bathing tubs — Our mats will provide a non-slip surface so pets—and your staff—will not worry about an accidental fall.

Designed for you.

NoFear pet mats come in a variety of colors that will compliment your clinic’s decor. Our mats are completely customizable, with design, colors, and sizes to suit your needs.

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NoFear Pet Mats are an innovative product designed to give pets confidence, security, and improve their experience in your facility.

Calmer pets equal easier visits and happier clients—see the difference for yourself.

Our mats are available in a variety of colors and sizes, and are completely customizable.