NoFear Pet Mats can be a part of your pet’s everyday life, not just at the vet’s office or in professional care facilities.

Good for pet health and aging.

Our mats are a great option for your pet’s long-term health, by providing joint support, our mats prevent chronic, age related conditions like arthritis, pressure sores, and hip dysplasia. NoFear Pet Mats are firm but compressible, evenly distributing weight whether your pet is lying down, sitting, or standing. They are great for surgical recoveries, home exams, and preventing household slips and trips.

Easier and more comfortable pet travel.

On the go? NoFear Pet Mats are excellent for travel!

They are easy to move and can help keep your vehicle upholstery clean. Our mats are also easy to clean, making them suitable for kennels and crates. They even have enough grip to hold food and water dishes.

Made to last.

NoFear Pet Mats can withstand nail and tooth damage. Don’t worry about pet messes, either. You can safely use most cleaners and disinfectants on them. Our mats are even bathtub safe for regular grooming.

NoFear Pet Mats are made to last!

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NoFear Pet Mats are an innovative product designed to give pets confidence, security, and improve their experience in your facility.

Calmer pets equal easier visits and happier clients—see the difference for yourself.

Our mats are available in a variety of colors and sizes, and are completely customizable.