NoFear Pet Mats are designed to have everything a pet mat should!

Developed by a veterinarian, for veterinarians, NoFear Pet Mats are an innovative product designed to provide comfort and confidence.

Our non-slip ensure pets feel safe and secure on all surfaces during veterinary visits, from slippery exam tables and tile floors, to kennels and scales.

The result is a more relaxed pet, a happier client, and vet, and a better quality veterinary visit.


NoFear Pet Mats are made from a special polyurethane compound that resists daily wear and tear and can withstand veterinary cleaning chemicals.

Intended Uses

NoFear Pet Mats can be used anywhere better footing will benefit pets.

  • Walk-on scales
  • Exam room tables
  • Treatment tables
  • Grooming tables
  • Bathtubs
  • Recovery and treatment cages
  • In homes, as a feeding mat in automobiles,
    travel trailers, and motor homes


  • Durable design makes them the most cost-ef-
    fective product on the market
  • Non-slip-on stainless steel and other smooth
  • Sturdy, puncture resistant: Cat claws do not
    penetrate the outer layer
  • Double sided for better use and longevity
  • No rustling noise from wrinkling of outer
  • 5 mm thickness provides a comfortable soft
    cushion and insulation
  • Withstands low to medium heat from heating
  • Cleans easily with water and mild detergents.
  • Can withstand chemicals such as Windex,
    degreaser, rubbing alcohol, Parvosol and
    10% bleach solution

Developed by a veterinarian, for veterinarians.

I decided to create NoFear Pet Mats in 2016 after visiting my colleagues at a six-doctor small animal practice. They had recently purchased paw-print pet mats from a vendor at one of the veterinary conferences and were extremely disappointed when the mats started to fall apart within a month. Their main complaint was the mats’ vulnerability to claws—cat claws in particular—which went straight through the oilcloth surface.

I also saw other opportunities for improvement. The mats slid around on their exam tables, the surface material produced a sound that caused anxiety in pets, the mats had only one usable side, and the bottom surface was difficult to clean. Based on these observations, I developed NoFear Pet Mats with everything a pet mat should be in order to be comfortable, durable, and functional in clinic environments.

Imran Rana, DVM

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NoFear Pet Mats are an innovative product designed to give pets confidence, security, and improve their experience in your facility.

Calmer pets equal easier visits and happier clients—see the difference for yourself.

Our mats are available in a variety of colors and sizes, and are completely customizable.