Better your business with NoFear Pet Mats. From groomers and trainers, to pet care facilities – we’ve got your surfaces covered!

How our mats work.

Animals rely on balance. NoFear Pet Mats help provide the appropriate traction for a safer and calmer experience. Our mats are perfect for slippery surfaces like tile and stainless steel. They can even hold food and water dishes securely in place.

Made to last.

Our mats are durable, able to withstand nail damage, high use and frequent cleaning. You can use most disinfectants on our mats. They make excellent table, kennel, or crate liners, and can even be used in bathtubs.

Good for aging pets.

Our mats are also supportive. If your business handles older or arthritic pets, NoFear Pet Mats are a great alternative to traditional pet beds. They provide the perfect amount of support to help promote general comfort and better long-term health in pets. 

NoFear Pet Mats can meet your furry client’s needs!

Save money.

Want to cut your Laundry expense up to 60 percent? Yes, that includes the labor, supplies, and utilities. It’s a huge saving that cannot, and shouldn’t, be ignored. NoFear pet mats are designed to provide comfort to your boarders. Our mats are made with a special polyurethane compound and will not slip and slide on a smooth metal or floor surface. NoFear mats are usable on both sides which gives them a much longer useable life. Puncture-resistant, soft, smooth, light, and easy to clean surface makes these a staff favorite.

Shop Our Mats

NoFear Pet Mats are an innovative product designed to give pets confidence, security, and improve their experience in your facility.

Calmer pets equal easier visits and happier clients—see the difference for yourself.

Our mats are available in a variety of colors and sizes, and are completely customizable.