About Our Mats

NoFear Pet Mats are designed to have everything that a pet mat should have.

Developed by a veterinarian for veterinarians, NoFear Pet Mats is an innovative product designed with animals’ comfort in mind. Designed to ensure pets feel safe and secure during vet visits, these smooth, soft, and customizable mats provide stable footing on all clinic surfaces, from slippery exam tables to tile floors, kennels, and scales. The result is a more relaxed pet, vet, and pet owners, and a better quality vet visit.


Special Polyurethane compound

Intended use: 

Exam room tables

Treatment tables

Surgery tables

Grooming tables

Walk on weighing scales

Recovery and treatment cages

Floor covering for boarding cages & kennels

Used in homes to place pet’s food and water

Automobiles, travel trailers and motor homes


Do not slip on stainless or other smooth surfaces

Double-sided for a better utility and longevity

2 mm thick making the mats snug/plush with the table

Soft and comfortable for the pet

Insulate pet from hot or cold surfaces

Puncture resistant: cat claws will not go through

Withstand low to medium heat (from heating pads)

Smooth easy to clean surface, not wrinkled therefore no rustling noise

Easily cleanable with water and/or mild detergents

Withstand chemicals like Windex, degreaser, rubbing alcohol, parvosol solution, 10% bleach solution, etc

Meet or exceed Fear Free guidelines

Colorful to complement facility ambiance

Long usable life making this the MOST cost-effective product


Introductory prices FOB Dallas*:

Stock mats 23″ x 36″ $34.99 

Special order mats**:

28” x 21”         $32.99 (Standard Shoreline cage)

28” x 33”         $45.99 (Shoreline double bank)

28” x 45”         $55.99 (Kennels)

20” x 42”        $36.99 (Most weighing scales)

We are proud to be part of the Fear Free preferred provider program.

To order call us today: 800-616-7674

Or order by email: info@nofearpetmats.com

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An Innovative Product Designed. With Your Pet’s Comfort In Mind. We shop for ourselves online all the time now. From sporting goods to household needs to clothing and accessories, some shop for online deals daily. Browsing and buying pet supplies should be no different.

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