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NoFear pet mats are designed to provide comfort to your patients. Our mats are made with a special polyurethane compound vs. the oilcloth top used by our competitor. These will not slip and slide on a smooth metal or floor surface. NoFear mats are usable on both sides which gives them a much longer useable life. Puncture resistant, soft and smooth, easy to clean surface is loved by the staff and the pets alike.

NoFear pet mats are used on exam tables, weighing scales and now also being used as cage flooring in several clinics and boarding facilities. Clinics using these mats in cages have reduced their laundry by seventy percent or more. The mats are soft and comfortable, insulate the pet from cold stainless surface and can withstand heat from heating pads thus making them a logical replacement of newspaper and towels. Learn more click:

NoFear pet mats come in many colors and will definitely compliment your clinic’s ambiance. Moreover, these at 100% customizable both in design, colors, and sizes to suit your needs. To learn more click:

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We are proud to be part of the Fear Free preferred provider program.

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An Innovative Product Designed. With Your Pet’s Comfort In Mind. We shop for ourselves online all the time now. From sporting goods to household needs to clothing and accessories, some shop for online deals daily. Browsing and buying pet supplies should be no different.

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